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CULTURELAB has many years of experience in art and cultural operations and in the fields of city marketing, location positioning and tourism.

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Do you want to take a closer look at your company, festival, or concert series, or implement a new event format, but don’t have the resources for a marketing, sponsorship or tourism strategy?

CULTURELAB can work with you to develop solutions covering areas such as:

Unique selling points

  • Positioning your company, festival, project …
  • Visions and culture development
  • Branding – defining core messages
  • Image processes and profile building
  • Stakeholder management – working with (political) decision-makers
  • Benchmarking – competitor analysis

Strategic processes

  • Determining locations
  • Defining challenges
  • Identifying potential for success
  • Resources, abilities and skills
  • Developing a vision for the future

Marketing and sponsorship

  • Stakeholder analysis and strategic road-mapping
  • Defining target groups
  • Developing marketing collaborations
  • Industry networks
  • Network events

  • Marketing and sponsorship concepts

Stagecraft and project management

  • Defining artistic and operational business areas
  • Ideas and strategies
  • Programme development: feasibility and cultural planning
  • Advice on staging events
  • Collaboration and networks
  • Fundamental economic issues associated with events

Communication: PR and publicity

  • What objectives should be communicated in the medium to long term?
  • What content do you want to deliver?
  • Designing messages – defining standpoints
  • Dialogue – how do you communicate with the public?
  • Which target groups are you addressing?
  • Communication channels – using social networks
  • Editorial activities (press releases) and ghost-writing

European Capital of Culture

  • Potential analysis
  • Future opportunities
  • Developing structures
  • Project planning

  • Internationalisation and European networks
  • Developing a foundation that aligns with the budget
  • Developing the bid book

Cultural building

  • Betriebswirtschaftliche Analyse
  • Zukunftsperspektiven – Betriebsstrukturen

  • Benchmarking: Nachfrage und Wettbewerb

  • Positionierung am Markt

  • Zielgruppenanalysen

  • Audience Development

  • Kommunikationsmaßnahmen

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