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Our Approach

CULTURELAB follows a dynamic process that puts your questions and problems first:

you design your concept, you define your vision, you determine your strategy – in a shared, creative process with competent culture and communications experts.

Objective – Involvement – Documentation

We start with a clearly defined problem, an objective. We then use a moderated process to determine what agendas your staff could develop alongside their day-to-day activities. This is the only way to establish an effective process. We then work with you to define every process step and document them for your future use.

It’s about your ideas, your solutions. And working with you to discuss, document and develop them in a targeted way.

Christoph Thoma represents:

# Creativity
# Artistic skill
# Experience
# Culture and project management
# Cultural policy

CULTURELAB uses a variety of formats:

# Moderated workshops
# One-on-one discussions # Stakeholder analyses
# Comprehensive research # World cafés
# Open-space formats # Rapid prototyping
# Café to to – brainstorming in larger groups